Sunday, 14 July 2013

Downgrading the Art Bag

It's 3 am and I'm wide awake after Ladybug Girl's bathroom trip. As usual. This was how this blog started after all!  Thanks for joining me in my insomnia (and on bloglovin' if you're on it).

We're in Thailand for a well-deserved holiday!  Or at least I am, while Awesome Guy worked for the most part of the week.

If you call that work.

Bangkok is not at all solo-parent-with-stroller friendly, since we take the trains everyday.  Some necessary simplifying had to be done: leave the iPad and downgrade the art bag.  

Muji mini markers + hotel phone pad = our instant solution to an art bag:

We use it during downtime to draw highlights from our trip. Hopefully we are engraving happy childhood memories!

The fantastic octopus at Siam Ocean World.
We loved this, especially since the one in Aquaria in Malaysia died before we saw it.

Her version.  I love that her drawings are slowly becoming more recognizable!

I asked her what this was and she said it was the ocean, "just like Van GOOG".  That's Ladybug Girl-speak for Van Gogh's swirly art.

We also use the "art bag" for storytelling, which she asks me to repeat over and over again.

Like how she became a firefighter at Kidzania, and how she was so brave even if she was scared at first
(ah, my little Dove!)

Kidzania is coming to Manila next year!

Or how she became a paramedic and revived the man who fainted  (in the bottom part of the paper)

She also draws maps - this one of our hotel room:

I think it's special to her because we laugh the most there!

The best part is hearing her little voice tell stories while she draws.

I like these Muji markers because they're hexagon shaped, so they don't roll.

Despite all that downgrading, my arms are killing me. Ladybug Girl is no walker.

Me: Can you walk a bit? I'm tired.
Her: But mommy, I've been walking for AGES! (pause) Mommy, what's "ages"?

Our art bag may not always travel with us, but I've got a funny travel buddy to keep us entertained.

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