Thursday, 18 July 2013

Purple Playroom Experiment

Well, the painting is done on my split-second decision to make Ladybug Girl's bedroom purple.

And it's not purple.

Unless you squint really hard and concentrate.

Our painters even put the decals back.


I miss my bright cheery aqua!  I didn't realize that having a different wall color means the rest of the room accents feel "unmatched".  Or does it look okay? 

What should I adjust?

Some parts I think are okay, but I'm not a fan of pastels either.

I think I can live with pink if it's completely modern and graphic.

And there's still a ton of hanging up to be done.  This room alone uses around twenty-five various 3M fasteners, hooks and organizers.  I should have shares in that company by now.

I casually floated the idea of repainting to Awesome Guy.  His reply was short: "panindigan mo na."  (the closest translation I can think of is that I should pretend to stick to my decision).

And Ladybug Girl's reaction was as un-encouraging as the last time we spoke on it:

Me:  Do you like the new purple color in your room?
Her: (nodding excitedly) I like it more darker purple
Me:  Ok, maybe I'll add more purple stuff around
Her:  And yellow!

I see the new yellow-fixation still hasn't disappeared on its own.

At this point maybe that's not such a bad idea.


  1. It's more conducive to sleep? :)

  2. Jen, true, I didn't think of that! I'm so conditioned to think of it as her playroom but now it IS her bedroom! Thanks!!


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